Security systems

Tranquillity, above all. Practical, easy to use intruder detection systems, fire alarms and video surveillance systems that can also be run remotely.

It is ever more important to feel secure in one’s home, at work or at play. We at System Impianti contribute to meeting this need by designing and producing security systems such as intruder detection systems, fire alarms and video surveillance, often combined in a single system.

Intruder detection systems comprise detectors situated on the property, creating barriers and connected to alarms. Our systems come with a power pack so that they will operate at all times, even during a power failure. The inside and outside of the building is totally monitored when intruder detection is coupled with video surveillance. Such a system will monitor every situation in real time and promptly alert a contact when necessary.

Our fire alarm systems identify fires by detecting smoke, temperature variations or flames, triggering an alarm and extinguishing the fire by means of water, foam or powder, as well as removing smoke and heat.

All our systems can be remotely monitored and run by tablet or smart phone.

System Impianti security systems include:

Video surveillance systems
Intruder detection systems, via wire, radio waves or mixed
Fire alarm system
Software for monitoring and running the systems remotely

System Impianti provides security systems for:

Shops and stores
Livestock farming

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