About us

We are a single entity that can meet the diverse technical needs of industry, provide the necessary details for household systems, and deal with the complexity and customisation required by tertiary and commercial businesses.

Our story begins in the eighties, when we started producing electrical systems, to which we gradually added technological systems. We now operate in several sectors, but our objective remains the same: to make integrated systems for comfortable, secure environments where people live, spend time, work or play, and be accurate and practical in our work. We designed, applied and improved procedures with which to create ever more efficient and reliable systems, even when the concept of total quality was practically unheard of. At the time there was no SOA or UNI-EN ISO certification, which we acquired when they constituted added value. This is how we have grown, committed to offering security, competence and professionalism.

We live on total quality

Seeking total quality is how we work. This means constantly studying technical aspects, computer science and Standards, as well as carefully observing technological innovation. We believe in training and updating our personnel with avant-garde methods, we propose technical and economic optimisation to our customers and their engineers, taking into consideration social, environmental, administrative and regulatory requirements. We use our experience to identify and apply specific procedures with which to manage and streamline operational flow, described in in-house quality manuals.

Strong points of System Impianti teams

Experience: acquired over years of completed, improved and optimised projects, means we can provide punctuality and quality
Practicality: when working on demanding projects featuring strict rules and obligations, it is essential to know the procedures and how to apply them, and have the practical spirit needed to achieve the objectives involved
Proactive abilities: we are used to recognising complications before they occur and can promptly propose successful solutions, assisted by well-stocked stores with which we can meet emergencies and run orders simultaneously
On the spot: we are always by our customers’ sides, at the design stage, during execution and on completion, when we provide ad hoc maintenance plans

System Impianti certification