From sustainable street lighting to emergency lights and advanced domotics, including project financing analyses.

System Impianti produces new or renovated indoor and outdoor illumination systems. When required, we anticipate operations with project renderings to provide customers with a precise idea of the project’s outcome and make preliminary considerations to define solutions that finely balance the amount of light needed with aesthetic aspects.

Proper illumination brings unbeatable comfort for our bodies. It depends on choosing the most suitable type, intensity and number of lights required and is greatly enhanced by avant-garde domotics. Even ‘just’ regulating light intensity to needs, times or ambiences brings wellbeing; in housing projects some consider it a luxury, but really it’s a matter of good health, even more so in hospitals, care homes and workplaces, where it makes for a better workplace, and in otherwise dark places that are made secure. The right lighting also has a strong commercial impact because it is essential to draw attention just where it’s wanted, be it in a shop, on a monument or a stage performer.

Indoor, outdoor and street lighting becomes sustainable using energy-saving LEDs. Those interested can make use of our services to analyse economic returns, including project financing to cover costs.

Illumination provided by System Impianti includes:

LED illumination systems
Road, motorway, street and public lighting
Internal and external illumination systems

System Impianti provides illumination for:

Shops and stores
Livestock farming
Public illumination

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