Electrical systems

The best solutions for transmitting and using electricity in the places where people live, spend time or have fun.

We began by producing electrical panels, then added low and medium voltage electrical systems, including conversion from medium to low voltage. Nowadays we deal with their design, production, supply, assembly, installation and maintenance, providing a complete service or one limited to individual stages, according to customers’ requirements.
We have particular expertise where operating continuity must be guaranteed and in complex projects that integrate electrical systems with others. In the former case, involving hospitals, shopping centres, production lines and offices, the biggest challenge lies in providing high standard automation and control systems that make persons and machines secure; in the latter case, our specialization in MEP engineering and our in-house panel-wiring workshop are essential in order to create secure, comfortable environments. This allows us to provide complete, customised solutions punctually.

A much-appreciated service is the one that measures electricity consumption, recorded in a special database. This valuable consultancy optimises system output and restructuring as and when necessary, and provides statistics that can be helpful when installing new systems.

System Impianti electrical systems include:

Power plant
Electrical control and protection panels
Industrial automation systems
Door, gate and barrier automation systems
Domotics and building automation
Atmospheric discharge systems
Remote supervision and digitally run systems

System Impianti provides electrical systems for:

Shops and stores
Livestock farming

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